Les Espaces Rêvés du Grand Paris

live digital performance

“Les espaces rêvés du Grand Paris” is a performative short film. It is part of the Hétérotopia series, which explores the spaces that can connect us to our utopias. The idea is to open up the boundary between the work and the viewer by inviting them to enter the screen. To achieve this, Neon Minuit uses the tools of video games to produce an interactive animated image.

The work pays homage to all the urbanities that make up the Paris metropolis. The aim is to create a shared imaginary of the area by directly using the materials that make it up. The work takes the form of tableaux created using 3D scans and a volumetric camera. Neon Minuit depicts bits of cities, architecture and means of transport. The buildings and bodies scanned are represented as a cloud of coloured dots on the screen. These dots are animated to create effects of movement, paint and texture.

Performed by HFLOW